Top 5 Reasons to Knit with Duke Silk Yarn

Have you gifted yourself the pleasure of knitting with Duke silk yarn yet, because pleasure it certainly is. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why you must get knitting with this beautiful spun silk yarn.

Duke silk is delicious to knit with

A skein of luscious blue duke silk yarn

This yarn is smooth, silky, wholesome and simply luscious. It feels good to even just hold in your hand. So the entire process of knitting with it, from casting on to binding off, is just delicious. You will love the feel of working with this delightful and luxurious yarn.

Your knitting looks great

Whatever you decide to make with this yarn, be it a scarf or a shawl or a cardigan, your finished object is bound to bowl anyone over. Not only does the yarn have a beautiful sheen, the stitches don’t become fuzzy. In fact, its stitch definition is simply superb. You will have a finished object with every stitch doing you proud.

Fantastic colors

A skein of duke silk dyed in 12 different colors

The most outstanding thing about duke silk is the impressive range of colors. You will be spoilt for choice. From solids to wildly variegated, every imaginable hue is on the shade card. Go all pastel, dabble in a bit of summer or try exotic and pick peacock (oh yes, there’s stuff like that, too). You can pick from a wide range of colors or even have the silk specially dyed to suit your unique tastes.

Best suited for some of your projects

With its beautiful luster and sheen and a fine drape, this yarn is perfectly suited for some of your projects. Shawls and scarves are an obvious choice. Tops and other garments worn close to the skin can also be fashioned out of this soft and luxurious yarn. It is completely non-itchy and has a great feel.

Feel warm, feel cool and feel good

Silk is endowed with natural heat-regulating properties – this means it has the capacity to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So you can use it to knit up stuff that will keep you warm in the winter without being bulky and make cool and airy things for the summer.

Aren’t those enough reasons to start knitting with duke silk? Now head over to the shade card and get busy picking your colors. And be sure to share pictures of your beautiful finished objects with us.


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