Recycled Sari Silk Yarn from Silkindian

Looking for some exotic yarn to make something delightful? Your best bet is to try our sari silk yarn. With the simplest of patterns, you will be able to work up something with a rich texture and palette. Besides, this yarn is recycled making it all the more eco-friendly.

At Silkindian, we offer you recycled sari silk yarn of the highest quality – lush, vivid and intense. But first, let me walk you through how our sari silk yarn is produced.

How recycled sari silk yarn is produced at silkindian

Ever wonder why this yarn is called sari silk? That’s because it is recycled from the waste collected during silk sari production. Silk saris are a big thing in South India.

So we collect all the warp from the selvedges and other color waste. These are then mixed and thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust or foreign particles. What we are left with is luscious silk fiber in a variety of colors.

The fiber is then sorted, teased and finally hand spun by our traditional spinners using either a charka or a takli. The yarn is then wound into skeins or balls weighing 100gm (about 80 yards). Since there’s no dye lot, every hank is a unique mixture of vivid colors. Couple that with natural variations in thickness of the yarn, and you have the perfect material to create something unique.


Take a look at our sari silk yarn

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