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Offering the widest range of silk yarn, fiber, fabrics and a bizarre range of knitting yarns with sequins, beads, crystals and trims, we at Silk Indian produce both hand spun and machine spun yarns. We offer you yarn from the finest of counts to coarser counts, a range of exotic fibers and an all new range of designer-specific yarn with sequins, beads, crystals and trim.

SILKINDIAN has its manufacturing plant based in Bangalore, India, where the majority of our hand spinning activity is carried out by local women. With an in-house dyeing unit and over 300 different colors to select from, we offer you a variety of dyeing techniques like the Solid Dye, Tie & Dye, 2 Tone Dye and Lotta Dye. We are also able to provide you with customized skeins (100 grams, 50 grams & 25 grams skeins) and cones / balls in different sizes. Our yarns can be used for weaving, crocheting, knitting and a wide variety of other crafts.

Fibers are more likely to be used to blend with other natural fibers, spinning and felting purposes.

We also offer you our unique specialty yarns with sequins, beads, crystals and trims for newer ways of creating your own designs and patterns.

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