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How to Block Silk Yarn Projects

As you lovingly knit up your luscious skeins of silk yarn, are you wondering how to block your project? We bring you excellent tips on blocking silk yarn projects from expert knitter Sanhita Kar. As a prolific user of the … Continue reading

Knitting with Silk, Silk Yarn

Tips for Knitting with Silk Yarn

For a long time I thought knitting only meant using wool. When I discovered silk, I was completely swept away by its beauty and luster but there was this lingering doubt about how I would knit up such soft and … Continue reading

Knitting with Silk

Top 5 Reasons to Knit with Duke Silk Yarn

Have you gifted yourself the pleasure of knitting with Duke silk yarn yet, because pleasure it certainly is. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why you must get knitting with this beautiful spun silk yarn. Duke silk is … Continue reading

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